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Advertise your business on the most popular Internet resources of Turkmenistan and get attention of active internet users who sell, buy, and look for attractive offers.

50,000 people visit Naydizdes every month, making 750,000 page views *. Advertising at also available on mobile platforms. After all, there is the most active audience, which provides the greatest response. We are ready to place your banner ads.
* Data for January 2016

The position of the banner on all pages

On the right side in the middle of the page, after a search form, look at the photos.

Technical requirements for advertising materials

  1. Image Size: 300x150 px
  2. File format: *.gif, *.png, *.jpeg
  3. The size of image files: should not exceed 60Kb
  4. Link with a banner to your site or to your listing

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